Last Panda Cub In us Leaves For China On A "Specially Equipped" Flight

Last Panda Cub In us Leaves For China On A "Specially Equipped" Flight

WASHINGTON: The US-brought into the world goliath panda Bei on Tuesday left the main home he has known at the National Zoo in Washington for a 16-hour trip back to China as a component of its examination and reproducing program. 

Bei will go on an uncommonly prepared non-stop departure from Washington to Chengdu inside a steel and plexiglass case, joined by his guardian and a veterinarian, zoo authorities said. 

The multi year-old fledgling, whose name signifies "valuable, treasure" in Mandarin, was bound to make a beeline for China under Beijing's "panda strategy." 

China loans pandas to zoos around the globe, as the creatures are considered "powerless" to eradication by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. 

When a youthful panda arrives at the age of four, the individual is repatriated to breed with different creatures at asylums in China. 

"Today is self-contradicting," said zoo chief Steve Monfort. 

"We've thought about Bei, and alongside millions, watched him develop into a genuine envoy for his species," Monfort included. 

"We anticipate proceeding with our 47-year monster panda protection program and joint effort with Chinese associates to contemplate, care for and help spare the goliath panda and its local natural surroundings." 

FedEx is paying for the flight and the unique furnishing of the Boeing 777 - called the "Panda Express" for the event. 

The National Zoo staff has arranged an exceptional reserve of treats for him: 66 pounds (30 kilos) of bamboo, two pounds of apples and pears, two pounds of cooked sweet potatoes, two sacks of scones and water, authorities said. 

Bei's kin, sibling Tai Shan and sister Bao, have just been come back to China, while his dad Tian and mother Mei Xiang will stay at the National Zoo until at any rate December 2020.