This British Village Keeps Finding Cash, "Honestly" Hands It To Authorities

This British Village Keeps Finding Cash, "Honestly" Hands It To Authorities
Bundles of cash keep turning up in the streets of the village. (Twitter)
LONDON, UNIRTED KINGDOM: Blackhall Colliery has one specialty - its sea shore highlighted in the peak of the Michael Caine film "Get Carter". Aside from that, it resembles many battling previous mining towns in upper east England. 

Be that as it may, the town on the County Durham coast is presently at the focal point of a secret - as groups of money keep turning up in the road. 

Durham Police said a sum of £26,000 ($33,500, 30,300 euros) had been found in the course of recent years - 13 bundles of £2,000 in £20 notes. 

These packs are constantly left on display, for example, on asphalts and found by irregular individuals from the open who have given them in," said Detective Constable John Forster. 

The most recent revelation on Monday was the fourth this year, he included, guessing that a Good Samaritan could be dropping off the money bundles. 

Mr Forster, who said request had so far experienced a mental blackout, applauded the "extraordinary network soul" of local people who had submitted the money - with papers proposing the town could be the most genuine spot in Britain. 

Townspeople guessed to The Guardian that the puzzling promoter could be "one of these mystery moguls" or even a "Blackhall Santa". 

"It is anything but a summary territory however nothing ever that great truly occurs around here," one occupant was cited as telling the paper. 

"It may be somebody attempting to help - a Santa's little mythical person. I trust it's that." 


In the same way as other previous pit towns, Blackhall Colliery has battled since its mine shut during the 1980s.