Uber Safety Culture Lacking In Autonomous Car Incident: Regulator

Uber Safety Culture Lacking In Autonomous Car Incident: Regulator
The Uber vehicle was part of the company's self-driving fleet of vehicles.

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES: A top US administrative authority on Tuesday said an examination concerning a 2018 lethal accident including a self-driving Uber vehicle uncovered "an insufficient security culture" at the rideshare organization. 

National Transportation Safety Board administrator Robert Sumwalt made the comment while talking about an impact early a year ago in Arizona that executed a lady. 

"The wrong activities of both the robotized driving framework, as executed, and the vehicle's human administrator, were side effects of a more profound issue: an incapable security culture," Sumwalt said in his opening articulation at the meeting. 

The NTSB in March of a year ago sent a group to Tempe, Arizona, to research the deadly crash of a Uber vehicle and a passerby. 

The Uber vehicle was a piece of the organization's self-driving armada of vehicles. 

"Despite the fact that the vehicle's sensors originally noticed the passerby 5.6 seconds before sway, the framework wavered between grouping her as a vehicle, a bike, or 'other,'" Sumwalt said. 

Uber had impaired a processing plant introduced crash cautioning framework and programmed crisis slowing mechanism while the Volvo sport utility vehicle was being utilized to test Uber self-sufficient driving abilities, as per the NTSB. 

The walker was wearing dull attire and was pushing a bike that had no side reflectors when she crossed an unlighted area of roadway around evening time. 


Uber briefly suspended its self-sufficient ridesharing program, in the end putting its self-driving vehicles back out and about in Pittsburgh in "manual mode," with a driver in the driver's seat consistently.