A mayor in Mexico put down his own money to reserve 15 Cybertrucks, and he's hoping for a discount from Elon Musk

The city hall leader of a town in focal Mexico has put stores down on 15 of Telsa's new Cybertruck and said he'll send an image of the request to Elon Musk with expectations of a rebate. 

The trucks cost somewhere in the range of $49,900 and $69,900 and the civic chairman said he didn't counsel his constituents about the buy, yet he protected it as a "good judgment" choice that would spare millions every year. 

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A city hall leader in San Luis Potosí has reported the acquisition of 15 of the advanced new Cybertrucks made by Tesla Inc. 

Adrián Esper Cárdenas of Ciudad Valles said he held the trucks by making a store of US $1,500 with his very own cash, equivalent to a month's pay. 

"I held 10 two-engine and five three-engine models," he said at a question and answer session subsequent to putting in the request. "We'll snap a picture and send it to [Tesla CEO] Elon Musk, check whether he gives us a rebate." 

Esper said he didn't counsel his constituents about the buy however said his choice to purchase the electric vehicles for police, junk assortment and different uses was "presence of mind." 

"It's not about speed, since we don't need speed. What we're searching for is torque so as to pull water pipes, the trash trailers. They'll have double the heaps of an ordinary truck," he said. 

Despite the fact that the models Esper requested accompany sticker prices of $49,900 and $69,900, he guaranteed they would create investment funds as high as 24 million pesos ($1.2 million) every year, since the trucks require little upkeep and no gas to work. 

"Interestingly, paying little heed to the way that the expense can be somewhat high, the advantage is that on the off chance that you don't need to perform upkeep or put gas in them, you'll have the option to spare 24 million pesos per year, and with that you've taken care of half of the speculation," he said. 

Tesla originator Elon Musk uncovered the Cybertruck on November 21, and notwithstanding an indiscretion where the vehicle's windows neglected to be as unbreakable as he asserted, orders for the truck are supposedly in the several thousands. 

A hold cost of just US $100 has driven preorder numbers as high as 250,000, as indicated by a tweet by Musk on Tuesday.