What is life?

What is our life?

What is life?

Stop and listen to me. 'Someone said this to me, but when I turned to hear him, he went away and never came back. I realize that leaving your parents in your life is no one to support you.

I am not Shakespeare or Ibn E Sina. I am a regular person who shares my life experience. I was happy until my 12th grade, and then everybody would try to overthrow me and tell me that you were nothing and you would do nothing. I leave it as a person and go after my dream. I didn't get it because I couldn't fit it. I'm sorry

Whenever I am reminded of my past these days, I am happy and a little sad about what I have accomplished.

"Your fight is useless and you get the fruits of your struggle" This is the meaning of a verse of the Holy Qur'an. You should expect something and you will achieve it through your struggle and hard work. Stay calm and ignore those who speak against your dreams.

If you want to achieve something in your life, listen to your heart and use your mind and strive for your dream. I hope you accomplish this with your abilities and your confidence. When someone says something nonsense about your dream, take a deep breath and forget about your opponent. After every complaint, I want to say that life is awesome and you have fun with the problems. As with any problem in life, life is a meaning that is less and less frustrating. You can’t have fun without problems. Be calm and say "life is great."